Our mission is to always exceed customer expectations and provide superior after-sales service. To meet this goal, our communities are formed on two principles: longevity and sustainability.


Strong, Solid, Timeless.

The Gemini focus is to create long lasting communities based on well designed homes that impart the peace of mind that comes from strength and structural integrity. We ensure that your home will be here for generations to come, and that it will be appealing to arrive home to every day, from the very first day you open the front door.


Efficient, Elegant, Durable.

Gemini Homes considers the energy efficiency of the entire home, the quality of every product, and creates designs that flow and adapt to your changing needs.

Building Beyond Expectation

At Gemini Homes we strive to find new ways to exceed expectations on what it means to have an energy efficient home by considering whole-home efficiency, high quality product efficiency and designs that flow and adapt to your changing needs.

By participating in Energy Star, Gemini makes both your home and money last longer by providing more efficient use of resources, resulting in lower utility bills for homeowners.

Our Commitment to You

We provide our clients with a unique experience in today’s competitive marketplace. Through superior after-sales service and proactive customer care, we work to exceed your expectations of working with a home builder. By providing you with various design options, you can customize your home to suit your style while enjoying the ease of maintenance that comes with our finishes. Our designers help you focus on the details that will help your home stand out and reflect the tone and character you desire.

That is the Gemini Difference.


2024 GDHBA Most Outstanding Production Home Design (Under 40′)

South River

2022 GDHBA Project of the Year

Stewart’s Landing

2022 GDHBA Best Interior Decorating Model Home/Suite

Stewart’s Landing

2020 GDHBA Most Outstanding Estate Home Design

Swan Creek Estates

2020 WRHBA Most Outstanding Bungalow – Single Detached

Swan Creek Estates

2020 GDHBA Project of the Year

Swan Creek Estates

2020 GDHBA Best Interior Decorating Model Home/Suite

Swan Creek Estates

2020 GDHBA Best New Sales Office/Décor Centre

Biltmore Towns

2020 GDHBA Most Outstanding Multi Unit Home

Biltmore Towns

Associations & Qualifications

Gemini Homes is dedicated to building quality homes. We are licenced under the Home Construction Regulatory Authority providing you piece of mind. Our HCRA number is 40992.

We also associate ourselves with other home builder groups and are registered under Tarion.